First, our team of skilled writers creates targeted corporate news content for new products, services, and events for regional and national audiences. Our AP style content is written to increase brand identity and reach new audiences using SEO identified keywords to reach out to the maximum number of people associated with our client's niche markets.

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Secondly, We work with a leading video production firm and talent, to take your written AP style news content and develop a Powerful video news release (VNR) that engage audiences with professional and visually appealing content. Increasing the reach and top of mind awareness for our clients, drearily improving their ability to convert leads to customers.

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Thirdly, We develop a strategic media distribution plan for our client's (VNR), to ensure we are reaching their targeted niche markets. Our distribution includes regional, national and international media outlets and audiences. We reach journalists, bloggers, opt-in news subscribers, social media groups and is hosted on a site with 3 million visitors monthly.

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“We make you and your business or organization relevant
to your targeted industry on a national scale”