William Scott Global can make you and your business or organization relevant to your targeted industry on a national scale
by regularly reaching millions of potential C-level executives, decision makers, entrepreneurs, investors and business owners.
Our Video News Release Will
Increase your visibility, brand recognition, and relevancy in key targeted industry sectors
Communicate your message to millions of potential CEOs, decision-makers, investors & clients
Help you control the spin and your exact message
Tell your stories with an engaging professional high-quality video
Help you enhance your web and social media presence
Provide you with marketing content for clients and events boosting your brand
Affordably provide a high-yielding use of your marketing dollars


William Scott Global’s expert team works with manufacturers to startups, finance to education, government agencies to non-profits, creating content that not only appeals to social media and media outlets and media searches but also resonates with your target audience and more.

Our team produces and distributes your VNR using the right content and keywords, that generate thousands of full page views, that are re-distributed by hundreds and even thousands of media outlets and bloggers, and receive tens of thousands or even millions of impressions. VNRs can be the difference between success and failure!

Successful business owners and managers and government agencies understand the impact and benefits of a well-worded and distributed Video News Release can be for their business image, branding and sales. Entrepreneurs, entertainers, scholars and educational institutions, even philanthropic organizations and government agencies rely heavily on a well-written and produced VNR to improve branding and increase sales or to drum up support for an organization.


In this new world of constant news streams, tighter budgets and competitive marketing strategies, there’s never been a better time to produce quality branded VNR content for maximum results. William Scott Global works with agencies, marketing and PR managers, and others to produce quality VNR content that helps them secure the best possible results.

Whether your VNR is for internal or external audiences, locally, regionally or nationally or across the globe…

Whether it a new product, service, team member or any important communications, for an individual, business organization or government agency…

Whether your VNR is a simple news release, CEO Interview, a live business event or investor update…

Willam Scott Global is truly your one-stop shop providing you with reliable, flexible options for VNR content development, production, distribution and in-depth media reporting

Armed with a professional staff of writers, on-camera journalist, producers, directors, production staff and media specialists equipped with the latest in technical equipment and knowledge. We provide our clients with over thirty-five years of experience. We get the job done right with unparalleled customer service and scalable customizable solutions

Our VNR video & film production services include; Broadcast journalist, green-screen studio, custom news set, 4k video production cameras, lighting, producer, cameraperson, teleprompter and operator, video editing with graphic titles and credits photos and images, 4k video editing.


Once a VNR is written and produced it is then distributed locally, regionally, nationally and internationally via e-mail, social media, wire service and special placement.

The internet has assumed a growing prominence in the news cycle prevalence and the way online media outlets like to be approached has also changed. Editors of online magazines, newspapers, and media often lack the staff to convert traditional press releases into more readable, newsprint-ready copy. The VNR format helps media outlets separate news release quicker and easier than old-fashion press releases and PR communication methods, such as pitch letters or media advisories.

VNRs are now the alternative to a traditional press release. VNRs, unlike press releases, are sent directly to magazines, newspapers and media outlets or to free and paid distribution services. These distribution services then provide the VNR content, as-is, to media outlets for publication, which is usually online.

VNRs are beneficial towards media corporations because releases help decrease costs and improve the amount of material a media outlet can output in a certain amount of time. Due to the material being pre-packaged and produced, this saves editors time, not only in reviewing or re-writing a story, but also the time and money it would have taken to capture the news firsthand.

In this new competitive digital world, consumers want their content instantly and easy to consume, putting pressure on media companies to output as much material as possible. This causes them to rely heavily on the use of video news releases – not press releases – to create their stories.